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New Training Course Added: Tactical Rifle

Are you ready to take your rifle training to the next level? If so, Tactical Rifle is for you.  A rifle in the hands of a properly trained person can effectively control close quarter situations as well as extended range personal defense environments. This course addresses the effective use of the tactical rifle/carbine. The class emphasis is on quick, accurate shooting at close to intermediate ranges. This class was designed to be beneficial to the individual who carries a rifle for his or her current employment; for example, Military or Law Enforcement (Thank you for your service!), as well as the individual that has purchased this platform for personal reasons such as defensive, sporting and recreational purposes. During the class, you will practice skills and techniques that can be used to effectively shoot your rifle quickly and accurately when needed. If you are looking for a place to learn and test your rifle skills, then this training class is for you!

Thank You for your interest in Defensive Shooting Concepts.

Jonathan Tindal is the Founder and Lead Instructor for Defensive Shooting Concepts where we provide firearms training in the central Indiana area.  Please visit the ‘About‘ page to learn more.

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